Make-up Mix-up


My dad and I went to do some shopping on Oxford Street this weekend, whilst I was browsing a rack of jackets I see my dad being approached by an old lady near the payment counter and ‘bit-and-pieces’ stand about 5 feet away from where I stood.

Old lady picks up a big blusher brush from the sales section, turn around and asks my Dad: “What is this used for?”
My Dad picks up one of the the big blusher brushes too, examines it very carefully and answers very truthfully: “You use it to clean your face.”
The old lady picks up two and takes it to the counter. I know I should have run across the store and stopped her but I just could not stop laughing.

My dad’s still non the wiser and the poor old lady is probably using it to scrub her face…


Down a Rabbit-Hole into Starbucks

Down a Rabbit-hole into Starbucks

I absolutely adore the coffeehouses of Central London. I love to watch the hustle and bustle of city life from the comfort of my warm, if slightly worn, armchair inside the relaxed atmosphere of the shop whilst sipping on an iced Mocha Frappe (with cream of course). Alice stumbled upon a tea-party in Wonderland at the end of her rabbit-hole, I discovered the wonders of Starbucks! It is the most obvious hide-away from a busy lifestyle and the cold Autumn/Winter days! Is it weird that I love to drink Frappes even during cold weather?

When the weather gets a little chilly and it starts to get dark early my boyfriend and I like to spend the majority of our time sitting at a Starbucks talking, laughing and relaxing. Give us a cosy little corner near the big glass windows Starbucks is well known for and we’ll be there until closing time!