Bonjour Tout le Monde!

Bonjour Tout le Monde!

‘Hello World!’

So…I’ve been trying to learn French for the past few weeks, however progress is very very slow. I thought that this would be the most convenient language to learn (I couldn’t decide between French or Spanish) as it was the language I studied for three years at Secondary School and now I have a Canadian French speaking South Asian sister-in-law!

Unfortunately it was the one lesson I didn’t pay much attention in and ended up copying the work of the girl next to me. She was fluent in French as her country of origin was Morocco and the languages they speak are predominantly Moroccan and French. Sitting next to her gave me the grades I needed, but language exams were never as strict at my school as most of the core subjects. Because I knew that it was a subject I would drop when choosing my GCSE subjects I didn’t much bother with it.

I really do regret missing out on an amazing opportunity, but at that age all you want to do is excel in the subjects you deem to be ‘important’. All i remember are a few scattered phrases here and there from my school days…

As they say, it’s never to late to learn as learning is a life long process! I shall keep updates on my progress.

Au revoir!


6 thoughts on “Bonjour Tout le Monde!

  1. Bon chance! I too regret not working harder in French lessons at school, but I remember being quite embarrassed to speak it out loud – I think it’s a shame we started learning it so late, in our teens, when we’d lost a lot of our childhood carefree ways and were becoming rather inhibited. But I entirely agree – it’s never too late to learn!

    • I agree with you completely! I think languages should be compulsory in Primary Schools as that is the best time to pick up a new language! I remember trying to speak French in lessons and feeling a little foolish, especially trying to make the sounds! Second time lucky perhaps…? šŸ˜€

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